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RK Roofing doesn’t have to spend money on ads, our top-notch work is our commercials. Happy clients and spectacular roofing you can see a mile away is our calling card. When you hire a company like us that can handle commercial roofing, you are getting extraordinary service.

Commercial Roofing Benefits

Why Work With An Established Company

An established roofing company can provide that accountability that roofing startups in their infancy can’t guarantee. We have teams of experts that can prevent or solve your roofing issues. This is a much higher level of service than a contractor could ever do.

When you call for us, you are getting a varied team of elite craftsmen. Our crew is balanced and full of experienced experts so you’ll always have the solution to your problem on hand. Having a team means you have talented minds in one spot coming up with smarter ways to execute the job
After operating for such an extended amount of years. When you contact us, you are getting the best New York has to offer. All our workers have in-depth experience with safety procedures and client practices that you expect of a veteran company.
Expanding on the fast service we mentioned earlier, RK Roofing can finish your repairs faster than any contractor. We not only do it quickly, but we also complete it efficiently.
When you have a roofing company full of veterans, you have access to the best professional materials and procedures. There’s no “I think” with us but only “we know” when it comes to the best routes to take with your roof.

Products We Trust


When it comes to the kind of work that commercial roofing demands. We prefer to use products such as Mulehide. This brand is known to provide watertight protection to your roof and resist the UV rays that can severely wear down New York roofs (especially during summer). This is one brand known not to crack under extreme temperatures due to its flexibility.